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Things to do in Helsinki, Markets

A great way to really go local in Helsinki is to visit one of the summer markets around here. Hakaniemi is our favourite, as it's the closest one to us. The only thumbs down part would be that they only organise it once per month (the first Sunday of the … Read more

Helsinki Street Food

Food trucks and street food has taken Helsinki by storm the last years, and we think it's awesome (if you don't mind to queue). Read more

Summer in Helsinki

Spending the summer in Finland can be risky business, as predicting the weather is close to impossible. But if you happen to get lucky, there are few places nicer than Helsinki for spending those lazy summer days. Read more

We love Restaurant Day

Restaurant Day is a food carnival where anyone can open a restaurant for a day, one more reason to love Sundays! Read more

Helsinki in one day

Got just one day to visit Helsinki and you don’t know what to do? Is it a sunny summer day? Do you like to walk? If you answered yes to all these questions, today is your lucky day. Read more

Sangria de Cava

Some time ago we were asked to write a guest post about a typical Spanish summer drink. We chose to present the "Sangria de Cava", the lesser known (and more glamorous) version of the traditional Spanish Sangria. Read more

Mediterranean Gin & Tonic

Gin has been at the height of its popularity in Spain for years already, and god knows we have had our fair share of them during that time. It was not until last winter, however, that I stumbled upon this particular gem of the Mediterranean. Read more

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