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Things to do in Costa Brava during winter

Not into beaches? Great! We have put together a pretty nice list of things to do in Costa Brava at any time of the year. Read more

How to eat paella

No matter if you make the best paella in the world, you won’t have a complete paella experience until you learn how to eat your paella properly; come and learn the secrets of this millenarian technique! Read more

Our epic list of restaurants in Helsinki

All our secret places. Now they're yours. Find about our top 10 restaurants (and bars) in Helsinki at the moment, all those places where we have been hanging out this summer. Read more

Beginners guide to tapas, part 2

By now you know what on earth is a tapa and also have some idea of the kind of tapas you can order in a Spanish bar (If not check the Beginners Guide to tapas, part 1). So, let’s concentrate on the practicalities. Read more

Beginners guide to tapas, part 1

We are going to assume you have heard the word tapas; you have some abstract idea of what it may be. However, you are still a bit scared to enter to a Spanish bar and shout to the owner "ponme unas tapas!" (Bring me some tapas!). What if I don’t like it?… Read more

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