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Our Epic list of Restaurants in Helsinki vol.2

We are back with a few well deserved additions to our world famous "Epic list of Restaurants in Helsinki"! This time the focus is in and around the Kallio district. Read more

Helsinki Street Food

Food trucks and street food has taken Helsinki by storm the last years, and we think it's awesome (if you don't mind to queue). Read more

Summer in Helsinki

Spending the summer in Finland can be risky business, as predicting the weather is close to impossible. But if you happen to get lucky, there are few places nicer than Helsinki for spending those lazy summer days. Read more

Ensaïmadas for breakfast

Somewhere between croissant and brioche, the Ensaïmada is a classic breakfast favorite in Spain. Check out the recipe and give it a try! Read more

Alternative Halloween

Want this Halloween to be different? Here you have few alternative treats to make your Halloween even more special this year! Read more

The truth about siesta

Have you ever wondered why in Spain everything is closed for siesta? Are those little bastards really sleeping for 4 hours in the middle of the day? Keep reading and you will find out what happens after noon in Barcelona… Read more

The ultimate paella recipe

Every family in Spain has their own paella recipe. Why shouldn’t you have one? Read more

We love Restaurant Day

Restaurant Day is a food carnival where anyone can open a restaurant for a day, one more reason to love Sundays! Read more

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