Hey, where did that year go?

Tadaa! Our little blog celebrated its one year anniversary last month, and I thought what a perfect moment to reflect a bit on the past year as it has been quite the ride.

You see, when we launched Taste of Sundays the summer of last year we had a pretty clear plan in mind. We were supposed to blog about food and culture (both things we really really love), paving the way for an online store that we were to launch later on, mainly selling food and other items sourced from Spain. Sure, not the most original idea, but obviously we were completely sure that we could do it better than anyone else out there.

We planned to set up a base in Spain, make sure everything works and then let Gemma (Alba’s lovely little sister) take over the day-to-day of running the business while we return to Finland to run the web part of everything. Simple, no? Well. No. Not really. As it turns out, setting up a company in Spain sucks. And I mean it really absolutely sucks. We were obviously incredibly naive thinking that we could handle everything in the couple of months that we had reserved for this, and about halfway after arriving to Spain we figured out just how freaking demanding and complicated it would be to run a business in Spain while actually living in Finland. I’m going to spare you A LOT (seriously, a lot) of details, but sufficient to say that our original plan did not really work out.


Yes. Spain is nice for A LOT of things. Putting up a company is not one of those.

This was late autumn 2013, around the same time that we also decided to launch our other little project called Made of Sundays, an online store selling wall decals and stickers (that we design ourselves). This was something we had already worked on during the past year, and even longer in our minds.

And yes, I guess anyone could have told us this - but running a business, no matter how small it is, is pretty hard work. So we launched Made of Sundays, and very soon understood that there would be no blogging about food (and certainly not selling anything), or well at least not in the near future. As a result our blog, that we had worked so much on during the summer, got badly neglected and hidden in the shadowy corners of the internet.


Even Hoste, our cat, lost faith in our adventures.

And that’s pretty much it. Fast forwarding to today, we are still super happy with how last year played out. We love working with Made of Sundays, even if there naturally still is a ton of things to be done. So what about Taste of Sundays? Well we gave up with our dreams of a awesome online food store for now, and decided to turn this into the official blog of Made of Sundays. I mean we’ll still write about food and other things that interests us, but the main point will be our colorful little sticker factory & store. We want to super thank all of our readers for the past year, and sincerely hope we’ll be seeing you here or in our store in the future too! Love, Alba & Thomas.