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We love Restaurant Day

Restaurant day has given us yet another reason to love Sundays.

Organized four times a year, Restaurant Day is a food carnival where absolutely anyone can open a restaurant for a day. The coolest part is that you can do it anywhere; no licenses or permits needed.

The first Restaurant Day featured 45 popup restaurants around Finland. Yesterday, on the 10th Restaurant Day, there were over 1650 one-day restaurants serving homemade yummy food in 35 countries. Helsinki alone had more than 600 pop-up restaurants! Parks, gardens and streets were packed with food stands; people literally took the city and showed the world how much they care about good food made with love.

We, of course, were there to join the fun and get something to eat. We even had time to make a cute little video that will leave you wishing to be here for the next one in November.

Not in Helsinki? Don’t worry; you can also participate from your city. The event is quickly spreading internationally. Regardless of where you live, you can still make your city a happier place by putting up your very own restaurant for a day.

Check their website for more info and join the food revolution!