Our Epic list of Restaurants in Helsinki vol.2

Kallio district is very fast becoming one of our favorite eating destinations in Helsinki. In addition to the fairly long list of restaurants previously mentioned in our Epic list of Restaurants in Helsinki serving everything from delicious Falafel to hipster-friendly Pizzas, we have lately discovered a couple of additional eateries which are totally worth a mention:

Every single tourist should eat at...


A true classic serving traditional Finnish comfort food in an authentic setting, the menu (and the decor) has not probably changed much since the 70's. It is definitely our most beloved local restaurant. Old, cozy and quirky; the sort of place you feel like going on a cold rainy day. Very reasonable prices and a great selection of beers and wine. If you are aiming for traditional Finnish dishes, go for the Vorshmack or some fried fish. The steaks are also worth a special mention (with fries or mashed potatoes, of course). There are not too many places like this left in Helsinki, so make sure to check it out while you still can!

Fleminginkatu 15, Helsinki

Map & Website

When we are missing New York we go to...


The lunch ribs in this industrial Williamsburg-esque restaurant are to die for (for meat-lovers, but they do also have a vegetarian option available)! Go around 12 (or before) because they run out fast! And if you still have room for dessert, you will find Jädelino gelateria just around the corner, hands down the best ice-cream in Helsinki. In the evening the prices go up, but the atmosphere and the food is still great.

Työpajankatu 2 A R1 D, Helsinki

Map & Website

Winter mornings are less depressing when you are at...


A tiny coffee heaven/roastery hidden among Valilla's picturesque old wood houses. Cozy and friendly staff, the sandwich filter coffee breakfast combo is perfect to beat the Monday morning blues. Be sure to pick up some freshly roasted beans too when you visit, because the coffee does not get any better in Helsinki.

Päijänteentie 2, Helsinki

Map & Website

We cry of happiness at...


In our opinion the best (northern) Thai restaurant in Helsinki. Perfect for lunch, casual dinner or take away (note! no alcoholic beverages available). Fresh, yummy and unpretentious with extremely reasonable prices, one of Kallio's hidden gems that is already getting very popular after having opened just a month or so ago. Go here if you like fresh northern Thai flavors with a proper kick. The kitchen is tiny, so don´t forget to stick your head in and wish the chef a good evening! 

Vilhonvuorenkatu 3, Helsinki

Map & Website

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