Our epic list of restaurants in Helsinki

We are proud to present our top 10 restaurants (and bars) in Helsinki at the moment, all those places where we have been hanging out this summer. It is not the list of best restaurants in Helsinki, but almost.

All our secret places. Now they're yours.

The day starts at...


A charming little café a block away from our home.
The coffee is simply great and the baristas lovely; they also got good music, a terrace and a small selection of sandwiches and baked goods. If you ask me, there is nothing more satisfying than dipping one of Sävy’s pain au chocolate into a cup of good cappuccino. This is the kind of place that will make your Mondays a little happier.

Aleksis Kiven katu 12, Helsinki
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Restaurants in Helsinki - post3

Lunch tastes better at...


A mix between a butcher shop and a bistro.
If you feel like eating a gourmet burger for lunch, this is the place to go. Especially if it is summer and you feel like eating a burger on a terrace. The pulled pork burger is to die for and the location cannot get more authentic. 

Työpajankatu 2, Helsinki
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Restaurants in Helsinki - post4

We could eat all day long at...


Because we cannot live on hamburgers, Sandro is another cool place to go for lunch… as well as for brunch and dinner (or even just for a beer).

They got a stunning salad buffet for lunch as well as other delicious ethnic dishes that range from fried squid to slow roasted lamb with apricot cous cous. A friend of a friend told me that you can also have a mojito as an aperitif before lunch, but we would never do that during working hours. For dinner they serve mussels, Lebanese pizza and oh so delicious durum’s among other yummy things. Sandro is definitively one of Kallio’s hidden gems, but not for long I’m afraid.

Kolmas linja 17, Helsinki
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Something good and fast from...


Premium street food right in the center of Helsinki.
There is something really authentic about buying a sandwich to take away, sit on the Helsinki’s cathedral stairs and watch the tourists posing for pictures. Something you need to do at least once during summer.
Once more pork is our favourite sandwich.

Sofiankatu , Helsinki
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Restaurants in Helsinki - post6

Get your fingers messy at...


Fafa’s has been in our top ten for quite a while. Not just because they are around the corner, but also because nothing really beats a good old falafel to take away. They serve deliciously filled pitas, so packed with stuff that I still have to figure out how you are suppose to eat them. But as any good street food… it’s not good if it doesn’t get messy.

Vilhonvuorenkatu 10, Helsinki
Map & website

Restaurants in Helsinki - post2

Summer picnics are from...


A small hidden sushi place in Alppila.

Sushi is made á la minute and tastes great for the price. The place is nothing spectacular and that is why we prefer to get take away and organize a picnic in one of Kallio’s parks, our inner yard or just in the middle of the living room.  

Viipurinkatu 1 C, Helsinki
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We take our dates to...


We all agree that there is nothing more romantic than a pizza, especially if it is oval shaped, crisp and filled with super fresh tasty ingredients. Skiffer offers delicious up-scale pizzas with a Scandinavian touch.  The place is small, cosy and decorated with a modern nautical theme. Hipstery and sailing combined in the best possible way. Be aware, it is full of cool people.

Erottajankatu 11, Helsinki
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Restaurants in Helsinki - post5

Let's hang out at...


We have already said everything we had to say about this nice tapas place in Kallio. It is great. The only bad side is that you’ll have to force yourself to get up and leave when they close.

Kulmavuorenkatu 4, Helsinki
Map & website

On a hot summer day we stop at...


There are not many places in Helsinki where you can get real gelato, so we are very lucky to have the always-smiling Saila in our neighbourhood this summer. She serves delicious gelato in either waffle cones or cute ceramic cups (made with love by Fragile Bites and Delicious Tableware), which can also be purchased together with your ice-cream. How cool is that!

This has been the first summer that I have not missed Italy (at least gelato-wise) and we thank Saila for that!

Vaasankatu 14, Helsinki
(Outside Made in Kallio Shop)
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Restaurants in Helsinki - post1

A moment of peace in...


One of our favourite spots to relax during the summer. This lovely little outdoor café has the best views in Helsinki and it is included in our awesome One Day in Helsinki guide. You should definitely try it out while it is still not covered with snow.

Linnunlauluntie 11 G, Helsinki
Map & website

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Comments makes us happy Aug 15th, 2013
This is a great wrap-up. There are places I've visited but there are some I haven't even heard of. Gotta check out the rest soon! PS: Those photos look lovely and yummy..
Thomas Aug 15th, 2013
Thank you verrryy much! You should definitively try them out.
John Oct 20th, 2014
Thanks for this - excellent map and tour

Can't wait to try it our next week.
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