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Mediterranean Gin & Tonic

Gin has been at the height of its popularity in Spain for years already, and God knows we have had our fair share of them during that time. It was not until last winter, however, that I stumbled upon this particular gem of the Mediterranean.

Gin Mare

Gin Mare is a small batch gin produced close to Tarragona, Spain. I'm not the one to analyze flavours too closely, so I'll just go ahead and cite The Coctail Geek for that: "With rosemary, thyme, olive, and basil all included in the mix, this is a gin that not only offers something different, but challenges the preconceptions of what gin should taste like".


What I will tell you is that it DOES offer some distinct Mediterranean flavours, and tastes like pure heaven on a hot summer day. When mixing the gin with tonic, the trick is to use either Rosmary or Basil as the garnish - and forget all about lemons or limes. Rosemary and Basil are strongly represented in the Gin itself, and will so bring out that part of the taste even stronger (just like the cucumber does to the Hendrick's Gin, another of our favourites).

Gin Mare mixes extremely well with either 1724 tonic water (produced by the same guys that does the Gin) or then Fever Tree Mediterranean. If you cant find them where you live, just go with whatever tonic you find - it will still be awesome.

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