How to eat paella

You got a fantastic paella recipe.
You have been so brave to try it out. It tastes great, right?
You are so proud of yourself and my mother is so proud of you. However, you won’t have a complete paella experience until you learn how to eat it properly.

Spanish paella - content

We are here to introduce you to this millenarian technique; this is really important stuff so follow the instructions carefully.

  1. Place the paella on the center of the table so that everyone can reach it.
  2. Set a bowl on the side of the paella to put the seafood shells.
  3. Sit and use your imagination to virtually divide the paella in wedge-shaped sections according to the number of guests.
  4. The imaginary section of paella in front of your eyes belongs to you.
  5. You may squeeze a lemon over your section if you want.
  6. Take a spoon (or a mussel shell if you want to be a real paella-Nazi).
  7. Eat directly from the pan, starting at the edge, working toward the center.
  8. Follow step 7 until the hunger disappears.

If at the end of the meal the paella looks like the one below, congratulations! You have what it takes to become a paella master.

Spanish paella leftovers - content

While eating paella, following rules are also to be applied:

  • If there is something in your section that you don’t want to eat - let’s say a mussel - you can place it on the center of the paella so that someone else can eat it.
  • Never under any circumstances eat from someone else’s section.
  • Do not eat away the “walls” that are formed between the sections unless all the other guests have finished and don’t want to eat anymore.
  • Do not forget to compliment the chef; cooking paella is a hell of a job.
  • Paella can be accompanied by white wine, cava, 'tinto de verano' (red wine mixed with soda) or our awesome sangria de cava.

¡Buen provecho!

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