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Helsinki Street Food

The last two years have seen an exponential growth of street food and food trucks in Helsinki. As big fans of casual eating we love it, but our joy is somewhat overshadowed by the huge gap in demand and supply. Street food festivals and events pop up in Helsinki almost on weekly basis during summer, and we have been regular visitors. The gatherings have been notorious for long lines of hungry customers and somewhat cramped space for eating, but we are sure that things will even out in the future as more vendors enter the game and the biggest hype passes.


Yeah, this might take a while. Street Food Carnival, Kasarmintori.

At the moment we prefer to avoid the big events and seek out individual carts patrolling the city. Most carts, however, announce their current location on Facebook and other social media, so finding them might need a bit of effort from your part.


Taco Bot was one of the more popular choices last weeks Street Food Carnival

A group of food trucks and other vendors get together every Wednesday during the summer for Street Food Carnival starting at 4pm in Kasarmintori, Helsinki. Be sure to get there in time, as the lines will snake around the square and we have seen vendors running out of food already around 6-7pm.


Some carts worth checking out are Maulito (curry bratwurst and other German classics), Soi Soi (vegetarian burgers) and LiesiKiesi (burgers and fries).



This time we tried out Richard McCormick’s noodles, but sadly were not very impressed. Heavy on the salt and somewhat lacking those fresh Asian flavours that we have come to expect from this kind of food.

P.S. During the upcoming weekend Teurastamo will host the World Bites food event, and we recommend you to check it out if you are in the area. Last year was a blast and the food was amazing (again, be prepared for lines).