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Bosgård Deli & Cafe

Have a day off in southern Finland and nothing to do? We recommend a day trip to backwater Porvoo for a plate of locally produced and smoke barbequed beef in a idyllic countryside setting.

You will find this historical ranch/manor painted in your typical picturesque countryside warm yellow and deep red colors about a 10 minutes drive continuing trough the town Porvoo (coming from Helsinki). Bosgård used to sell their ethically produced meat products online and on call basis only, but have recently started to transform the old manor into a center for agroturism. New features includes a Deli & Cafe with its terrace, nature trails and soon to be built accommodations for longer stays.


We left Bosgård truly impressed by the food (in this case, meat). Prepared in a massive matte black BBQ smoker parked out on the main yard, the beef gets a very strong smoky flavour and mouth watering taste. Seriously, the meat was tender and juicy - and the smoky taste gave it a unique feel. As a side note, the home made BBQ sauce left us wishing to be able to buy the stuff in bottles (and this from a guy that normally isn't that hot into this kind of sauces).

We understood that the BBQ would heat up also during the autumn weekends, but I guess that might change. Just check out their site for exact location and opening times before you go. If you head out there, reserve some extra time to take a look at the surroundings and get to know the cows that hangs around the farm. The guys working there will be happy to give you more info about the history of the place. 

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Bosgård BBQ Dinner