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Best tapas in Helsinki

Think how many times you have gone for a drink after work, got hungry and sadly discovered that the bar did not serve anything decent to eat. I don’t know about you, but in Finland it happens to me all the time.

I guess that’s why tapas bars were invented. Being from Spain, I take for granted that bars always have something to eat. But that is not the case in Helsinki; there are few exceptions, but most of the time you have no other choice than surrender and go to an actual restaurant.

I spent the last few years desperately wandering the streets of Helsinki looking for a great tapas bar, a place that would combine good tapas with a laid-back atmosphere. I found few of them, but none was good enough to pass my Spanish check. When Thomas told me about Kombo, I immediately put the mandatory suspicious face, the one that we Spanish are supposed to put every time somebody recommends us a “good” tapas place – or any other food - outside Spain (I believe that the suspicious face is the first thing they teach you in playschool).

However, as soon as he said that it was ran by a Spanish guy and his Finnish/Italian fiancée I decided to give it a try. The mandatory suspicious face became a happy face as soon as I saw the bar: No bulls or flamenco dancers by the window, that’s always a promising sign. We ordered a couple of glasses of (carefully selected) wine as well as a tapas plate, we discussed with the owner - who welcomes you like an old friend - we even got to meet their dog.

Kombo tapas in Helsinki - post

My mom is not going to believe me but I have to admit that everything was delicious *. I definitely loved the place and cannot wait to recommend it to all my Finnish friends. I used to tell them that if they wanted real tapas they had to come to our place. Now, I can save myself the trouble of cooking and making dishes.
Thanks Kombo, you made our day!

Kombo tapas Helsinki - post2

Kombo Winebar & Kitchen

Kulmavuorenkatu 4, Helsinki
Map & website

* I confess I didn’t dare to try the tortilla de patatas (Spanish omelette), because telling that it was good - and I’m sure it was - would have been the worst offense you can do to a Spanish mom.

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