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People Make the City

We are 100% stoked to be featured in the upcoming book People Make the City written and photographed by Laura Iisalo and Melanie Dower. This gem of a book will be published the 12.5, so keep your eyes peeled if you are into all things Helsinki. Read more

Things to do in Helsinki, Markets

A great way to really go local in Helsinki is to visit one of the summer markets around here. Hakaniemi is our favourite, as it's the closest one to us. The only thumbs down part would be that they only organise it once per month (the first Sunday of the month), so you have to keep your eyes peeled for the right date and not end up at an empty square (like we might have done today). Read more

Winter in Helsinki: tropical brunch

Winters are tricky in Helsinki, and most of us spend a lot of time indoors. A great way to escape the winter blues, for a short moment at least, is to go and have a DIY breakfast over at the Winter Garden by the Töölö lake. Read more

Local places in Helsinki: Cafe Brahe

Want to get down and authentic in Helsinki? Well there is absolutely NOTHING more real than having a freshly baked Korvapuusti (cinnamon roll) in Cafe Brahe while watching the locals scurry off to work in the morning. Read more

Our Epic list of Restaurants in Helsinki vol.2

We are back with a few well deserved additions to our world famous "Epic list of Restaurants in Helsinki"! This time the focus is in and around the Kallio district. Read more

Mint & Almond Infused Hot Chocolate

Summer has been just brilliant, but soon it will be time to switch gears and slow down as the time for blankets and cozy woollen sweaters approaches. Luckily for us, Milda from Saving Sundays has the perfect antidote for cold weather: Mint & Almond Infused Hot Chocolate! Read more

Hey, where did that year go?

Tadaa! Our little blog celebrated its one year anniversary last month, and I thought what a perfect moment to reflect a bit on the past year as it has been quite a ride. Read more

Helsinki Street Food

Food trucks and street food has taken Helsinki by storm the last years, and we think it's awesome (if you don't mind to queue). Read more

Summer in Helsinki

Spending the summer in Finland can be risky business, as predicting the weather is close to impossible. But if you happen to get lucky, there are few places nicer than Helsinki for spending those lazy summer days. Read more

Ensaïmadas for breakfast

Somewhere between croissant and brioche, the Ensaïmada is a classic breakfast favorite in Spain. Check out the recipe and give it a try! Read more

The World's weirdest Christmas traditions

If gingerbread houses and Santa Claus aren't your thing, join us for some must-see Catalan Christmas traditions! For example the Caga Tió, pooping out presents on Christmas eve. Or the Caganer, bringing the gift of fertility to baby Jesus. Yeah, we are weird bunch. Read more

Alternative Halloween

Want this Halloween to be different? Here you have few alternative treats to make your Halloween even more special this year! Read more

Things to do in Costa Brava during winter

Not into beaches? Great! We have put together a pretty nice list of things to do in Costa Brava at any time of the year. Read more

The truth about siesta

Have you ever wondered why in Spain everything is closed for siesta? Are those little bastards really sleeping for 4 hours in the middle of the day? Keep reading and you will find out what happens after noon in Barcelona… Read more

Bosgård Deli & Cafe

Have a day off in southern Finland and nothing to do? We recommend a day trip to backwater Porvoo for a plate of locally produced and smoke barbequed beef in a idyllic countryside setting. Read more

How to eat paella

No matter if you make the best paella in the world, you won’t have a complete paella experience until you learn how to eat your paella properly; come and learn the secrets of this millenarian technique! Read more

The ultimate paella recipe

Every family in Spain has their own paella recipe. Why shouldn’t you have one? Read more

We love Restaurant Day

Restaurant Day is a food carnival where anyone can open a restaurant for a day, one more reason to love Sundays! Read more

Our epic list of restaurants in Helsinki

All our secret places. Now they're yours. Find about our top 10 restaurants (and bars) in Helsinki at the moment, all those places where we have been hanging out this summer. Read more

Best tapas in Helsinki

Think how many times you have gone for a drink after work, got hungry and sadly discovered that the bar did not serve anything decent to eat. I don’t know about you, but in Finland it happens to me all the time. Don't worry my friends, things are about to change, I promise! Read more

Helsinki in one day

Got just one day to visit Helsinki and you don’t know what to do? Is it a sunny summer day? Do you like to walk? If you answered yes to all these questions, today is your lucky day. Read more

Sangria de Cava

Some time ago we were asked to write a guest post about a typical Spanish summer drink. We chose to present the "Sangria de Cava", the lesser known (and more glamorous) version of the traditional Spanish Sangria. Read more

Beginners guide to tapas, part 2

By now you know what on earth is a tapa and also have some idea of the kind of tapas you can order in a Spanish bar (If not check the Beginners Guide to tapas, part 1). So, let’s concentrate on the practicalities. Read more

Beginners guide to tapas, part 1

We are going to assume you have heard the word tapas; you have some abstract idea of what it may be. However, you are still a bit scared to enter to a Spanish bar and shout to the owner "ponme unas tapas!" (Bring me some tapas!). What if I don’t like it? How big are the portions? What on earth is a "boquerón"? Read more

Mediterranean Gin & Tonic

Gin has been at the height of its popularity in Spain for years already, and god knows we have had our fair share of them during that time. It was not until last winter, however, that I stumbled upon this particular gem of the Mediterranean. Read more

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